So let’s talk about taxes…

So let's just address the elephant in the room: the US tax system is absurd. But Forbes has posted an infographic about how to navigate the tax system... from the IRS' own tax advocate. Terrifying. It's why having a seasoned tax professional is critical to navigating a system that, in the author's words, " makes [...]

In the digital age, stewardship, privacy, and self-regulation are taking a much bigger role in business.

With the full effects of GDPR starting to be felt — with the first wave of penalties for data breaches — tech giants may soon have to take an active role and self-police their third-party content in order to reduce risk and avoid the liabilities they're currently immune from. Source:

Amazon 25 years later: a timeline

One thing CNN didn't include is all the times Jeff Bezos wanted to quit or was on the brink of failure. The lesson here: vision. Always renew your vision to grow and improve, explore new things, and your vision of who you are and what your – and your company's – values and mission are. [...]

Screw-ups are guaranteed. Recovery is not.

Your company is going to drop the ball. So is ours. So is your competitor. So what's the differentiator? Recovery planning. And if the ball is big enough: crisis planning. Hopefully your company isn't like FedEx and has to worry about being on the wrong end of international headlines. If it is, our crisis communications [...]