OSHA’s “Top 10” is out. Do you know what #1 was?

Do you know the in's-and-out's of fall protection?  If you're ever visited by an OSHA inspector, and an employee is at risk of a fall injury, you'd better. For almost 10 years now, fall protection has been at the top of the list.  What are the others?  They're not as obscure as you might think. The … Continue reading OSHA’s “Top 10” is out. Do you know what #1 was?

OSHA Cites Tortilla Manufacturer for Amputation – EHSToday

A worker's life is forever changed, the company is out nearly $100K in addition to the cost of the actual injury, and the company is now under the Severe Violator program because of multiple egregious violations. All of this could have been prevented by looking at safety as core value and not a cost center. … Continue reading OSHA Cites Tortilla Manufacturer for Amputation – EHSToday

⚠️ Hurricane Dorian closure

In preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Dorian, we have activated our Business Continuity Plan and, accordingly, our office will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday so our employees can look after their families. Our Corporate Emergency Management Team, however, remains on duty and monitoring the storm's progress. We will continue to update our clients and … Continue reading ⚠️ Hurricane Dorian closure

Why safety is serious business.

Wouldn't your company love a new million-dollar account? Imagine how great that would be. What if you had to find a million-dollar account to offset losses? And with the true "cost" of a loss typically being much, much higher, that million-dollar account quickly turns into many million-dollar accounts. This example from Ohio shows a small … Continue reading Why safety is serious business.