So let’s talk about taxes…

So let's just address the elephant in the room: the US tax system is absurd. But Forbes has posted an infographic about how to navigate the tax system... from the IRS' own tax advocate. Terrifying. It's why having a seasoned tax professional is critical to navigating a system that, in the author's words, " makes [...]

In the digital age, stewardship, privacy, and self-regulation are taking a much bigger role in business.

With the full effects of GDPR starting to be felt — with the first wave of penalties for data breaches — tech giants may soon have to take an active role and self-police their third-party content in order to reduce risk and avoid the liabilities they're currently immune from. Source:

Amazon 25 years later: a timeline

One thing CNN didn't include is all the times Jeff Bezos wanted to quit or was on the brink of failure. The lesson here: vision. Always renew your vision to grow and improve, explore new things, and your vision of who you are and what your – and your company's – values and mission are. [...]